Why Should You Join a Band and Play With Others?

Why Should You Join a Band and Play With Others?

Is it feasible to learn French, German, or Spanish in the privacy of your own home? To some extent, yes, of course it is. However, communicating with people who speak the same language is the only way to truly grasp what you are learning and expressing. Music is the global language and no civilization on the planet can exist without some type of music. It is because music gives spirit, wings to the intellect, and life to everything. So, do become famous musician like Herbert Hernandez, do the following

Transitioning from Practice to Performance

We study patterns in class and utilise them to play songs along with. These are vital tasks to strengthen our talents and create our ‘vocabulary’. These activities, however, can only be defined as an indirect relationship with music. Nobody is paying attention to the pattern we are playing and attempting to accompany us because we are not a part of the moment captured on the recording we are playing along to.

To put our interpretations of the music we have studied and the patterns we have learned into practise, we must abandon the safety net and begin interacting directly with other musicians in the present. It may just be you and a guitarist or a bassist replicating your favourite music. Or jamming, which is the process of rearranging the jigsaw pieces you have learned over the years into something comprehensible and attractive to your ears.

Herbert Hernandez

It may be a step down from playing along with the excellent performers on your favourite albums at first, but it won’t be long before you love your instrument more than ever. There is no better feeling than being completely present in the moment while doing something you enjoy.

Identifying Your Stage

What happens after that? Could you form a band like Herbert Hernandez? The greatest way to begin is by getting together with friends and performing your favourite tunes once a week. It is only important that you find opportunities to ‘converse’ with others in the new language you are learning.

If you are not sure where to begin, the first step is to make a firm purpose to play with others. If you can project your goal, the universe will acquiesce and possibilities will begin to appear. It is your responsibility to grasp such possibilities. Remember, there is nothing to be afraid of and if you play from the heart, you cannot fail. Go tell the world about your interest.

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