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Month: August 2019

Work for the satisfaction of its customers sellers and buyers a unique quality in real estate agent

Work for the satisfaction of its customers sellers and buyers a unique quality in real estate agent

Like many sectors, real estate responds to the law of supply and demand. Sometimes you have to be patient so that the moment you want to sell or buy matches when ads or acquirers are available!

A real estate agent does not work only for the money. Moreover, we do not evaluate the quality of a professional in the number of sales he makes. What matters is that sellers and buyers are satisfied with the transaction. Many real estate agents love challenges. They, therefore, seek to win the trust of their customers to succeed together to achieve their projects.

The word-of-mouth plays a lot in real estate. They have everything to gain from adapting and offering you a tailor-made service!

Continuing professional development

Being a real estate agent, it does not improvise! It is necessary to follow the evolutions of the legislation but also make the technological watch to propose services always more innovating and effective for its customers (like for example the virtual visits ). A real estate professional regularly undergoes training to perfect his knowledge.

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Do not hesitate to ask all your questions to a real estate agent. Ask him the procedure to follow, the regulations to follow, if he can advise a professional for work or the realization of real estate diagnostics … He is also there for that!

Building a “privacy”

Your relationship with the Ki Residences Sunset Way real estate agent must be genuine and reciprocal. You must provide as much information as possible to your agent. This implies that he knows your professional situation, your budget, your hobbies, your plans for the future … It is not easy to tell everything to a stranger. Do not hesitate to deliver gradually.

Your “confidences” will guide the real estate agent in his research to present you with the best housing or the best acquirer profile. With real needs, he will be better able to make pragmatic proposals.