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Best Movies to Watch When You’re Sick to Boost Up Energy

Best Movies to Watch When You’re Sick to Boost Up Energy

Because of illness, there are moments when we don’t feel like doing anything. Colds and other ailments make it more challenging to have a pleasant life because they force people to spend more time than necessary in bed.

However, there is an answer to the problems caused by our illness.

Laughter and other emotions that trigger dopamine release are two of the most effective ways to strengthen our immune systems. Nothing can compare to the feeling you get from seeing a good movie, is there?

There are many more Telugu content movies streaming, but when you watch here at aha Movies, three movies come to mind as the ones that are ideal for catering to that neurotransmitter build-up.

  1. Maryan:

Maryan covers the story of the fisherman Maryan and his struggle to survive while keeping a relationship with Panimalar, his lover. Maryan also follows the adventure of Maryan’s lover. The film depicts a battle and an endurance test set against the backdrop of impending danger. This picture, released in 2013, has been praised quite a bit, and Bharat Bala was in charge of directing it.

  1. Janatha Hotel:

Janatha Hotel is like a DJ Tillu Movie Online that was released in 2012 and has been dubbed in Telugu. It was directed by Anwar Rasheed and told the story of Faizal, a chef whose father did not support his aspirations to find a job in another country.

  1. Dj tillu:

DJ Tillu is a romantic thriller movie directed by Vimal Krishna. In the film, the main characters, played by Siddhu and Neha Shetty, are accompanied by Prince Cecil, Brahmaji, Pragathi, and Narra Srinivas, who are all cast in supporting roles. Sai Prakash Ummadisingu was in charge of cinematography, and Navin Nooli was in charge of editing. The director, Suryadevara Naga Vamsi, works under the Sithara Entertainments’ umbrella to produce the movie.

  1. Sarocharu:

The story of Sarocharu is told from Sandhya’s perspective, focusing on her desire to be in a relationship with a man named Karthik. This movie is full of love and lies, and these themes continue to emerge as the plot develops.

Quality content on Aha

When there are so many incredible movies available to watch, you don’t need to let sick days get you depressed. There’s a movie for every kind of viewer, from tearjerkers about unrequited love to thrill rides about daring escapades like DJ Tillu Movie Online. The most excellent treatment would be to use this downtime to broaden your filmmaking horizons.

Know that you can continue to watch here at Aha Movies for streaming any Telugu genre, even as you get well from the cold or any other ailment you may suffer. You can think positively and know that your situation could improve.



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Midnight Murders Is A Crime Thriller

Midnight Murders Is A Crime Thriller

There used to be times when people used to wait for hours to get tickets to their favorite actors’ movies of the first shows on their release days. With the advancement of technology, people could buy the ticket online from the Movie ticket software programs and apps, by sitting comfortably in any corner of their choice. Technology did not just stop there and introduced OTT platforms where people could watch their favorite movies wherever and whenever they wanted on their smartphones. During the COVID 19 crisis, some of the best movies were released on these platforms. So, to watch the latest Telugu movies online, get the best Telugu OTT app.

Besides watching the latest movies online, you will also enjoy certain other features, and the best part is that these apps are compatible with different devices. You can watch your favorite movie with your family while having dinner together if you run these apps on devices with bigger screens. 

Midnight Murders

Midnight Murders is the Telugu dubbed version of the Malayalam crime thriller movie AnjaanPathiraa. The movie has been directed and written by Midhun Manuel Thomas, and the producer of the movie is Ashiq Usman. The Malayalam movie was released under the banner of Ashiq Usman Productions and Manuel Movie Makers. This movie was released in January 2020 with starring KunchakoBoban, SrinathBasi, SharafYuddin, and Jeenu Joseph. The Telugu version known as Midnight Murders is available exclusively on Aha, and it was first premiered on February 19, 2021.

Anwar Hussain (played by KunchackoBoban), a psychologist by profession, was obliged by one of his close friends to work as a consulting criminologist in the department of Kochi Police. Suddenly, Husain is ordered to handle a case where several brutal murders take place at one midnight. The rest of the movie is regarding how Hussain deals with the case, solves the case, and finds out the main culprits. The best part of the movie is regarded as the performance of the protagonist. Besides, the ways the murders were showcased were presented in a rather very interesting narration. The other characters were also played very nicely. 

In the end

Midnight Murders is the Telugu version of the famous Malayalam movie AnjaanParitha, and it is available exclusively on AHA. AHA is an OTT platform entirely in the Telugu language, and you will be able to watch almost all old and new Telugu movies over there. Besides the Telugu movies, there are certain famous movies in other languages that have been dubbed in Telugu and are available only on AHA. Midnight Murders is the biggest example, and with a subscription to this platform, you will be able to watch midnight murder movie online. Besides, some of the new Telugu movies are also released on AHA, so watch the recent movies as soon as possible, down the app and get a subscription as soon as possible.

Sinclair Broadcast Group Radio Stations accessible On NextGen TV

Sinclair Broadcast Group Radio Stations accessible On NextGen TV

Sinclair Broadcast Group’s Seattle radio cluster – news KOMO-AM/FM, hot AC “Star 101.5” KPLZ-FM and talk KVI – are now a branch of the roll-out of its STIRR XT digital audio service using the ATSC 3.0-based digital TV broadcast standard.

Audio channels on Sinclair Broadcast Group’s over-the-top internet service STIRR XT have been accessible for customers with a NextGen TV linked to the internet since December 2020. The audio channels comprise STIRR XT-branded stations Stingray Hits List, Stingray Hot Country, and Stingray Latin Hits, together with a dozen others.

The company’s transmit radio stations would now be accessible on NextGen TVs as part of STIRR XT. As said by Mark Aitken, Senior VP, Advanced Technology, for Sinclair plus President of ONE Media 3.0, the roll-out is more than just an additional access point for viewers of the stations.

Fox Sports Sun rebranded

“One of the causes we are doing this is since the automotive guys constantly ask: ‘Is there an option to digital radio [and] to SiriusXM that could be delivered through the ATSC 3.0 standard?’” he informs TV Technology.

The company expects the ATSC 3.0 radio broadcasts would attract automakers to comprise 3.0 receivers in future models. “We consider there is a really convincing reason to consider the addition of ATSC 3 receivers in cars,” Aitken says. “When you have done that, all of the other prospects for what could be carried in that digital spectrum open up.”

The 3.0 radio simulcast, which is slotted to start in mid-February, will only be accessible via NextGen TV sets. Though, Sinclair Broadcast Group is emerging its Mark One Smartphone, which has an integral 3.0 receiver, TV Technology reports. The phones join other 3.0 customer devices in development, which would expand the reception of OTA 3.0 digital audio to mobile devices.

Sinclair is in negotiations with other broadcasters about simulating their radio stations over the air through ATSC 3.0 with STIRR XT in other markets.

Sinclair Broadcast Group the future of sports streaming entertainment

Sinclair Broadcast Group the future of sports streaming entertainment

In today’s generation television is not the only means to watch and surf sports channels. There are multiple streaming platforms and websites that have access to broadcast sports channels. People love to watch sports and getting them for free is exciting. Spectators are now becoming die-hard fans of these sports websites and the operators streaming them. There is a huge competition between these platforms to advertise their organization. They are consistent in providing the right network and selection of a channel for their audience. Sinclair Broadcast Group is one of those top agencies that prioritize the importance of sports streaming.

Merits of live sports broadcasting: –

Sinclair Broadcast Group

  • The platform helps you access any sports content in the entire world. It helps you to watch any match from any part of the world. It directly delivers your game to your compatible device or smartphone. The use of these platforms has helped eliminate physical and geographical barriers for the audience.
  • You get to watch the game from multiple angles from your screen. Generally, on TV screens, you get to view your game from a single angle. The angle of your game depends on the camera person or that particular sports channel. But, in the case of a sports broadcasting group, they personalize every angle of the game for their audience.
  • Live streaming websites offer multiple reviews and forums for their viewers. They try to deliver high-quality streams and performance to their viewers. Their interaction and unique user-interface help viewers to interact with them easily. They also help to make their stream interesting and exciting. During advertisements, they throw out multiple feedback forms to help improve their channel.
  • The cost is quite efficient and makes users love them. For instance, you can watch all the streams and games for free. They also provide better subscriptions for premium membership and benefits. A premium user gets all the VIP and first-class treatment from the broadcasting group. Multiple platforms have also introduced pay-per-view, where the users need to pay only for the matches and games they watch. It helps them to make them popular as well as budget-friendly.

Sinclair Broadcast Group is one of the finest among multiple broadcasting companies. You can avail the benefits easily by just following the official website. Users have also provided a good rating to the site. It determines and explains the authenticity of the platform. Thus, helping the users to enjoy during their favorite game.

Enjoy Your Free Time Amusingly Using the Technology Advancement

Enjoy Your Free Time Amusingly Using the Technology Advancement

As the present world is digitalized, businessmen are utilizing every possible way to promote their business. So while watching the videos on YouTube, OTT’s, or on other platform’s your entertainment will be interrupted by the advertisement clips. No one likes to view the ad video while watching something entertainingly. If you want to watch the entire video of a movie or a show without the disturbance of advertisements or by paying for a premium plan of a specific application, then watch the movie or program you like in 123movies.

watch the movie

In the past days, not all people achieve their dream careers. But nowadays mostly no one is ready to quit the effort to achieve their dream career. So there are more individuals succeeding in the field of cinema and other kinds of entertainment categories. Thus there are more good films and entertainment shows are there to watch by spending our quality time. Some people are not having the right time and some people are not ready to spend more money to watch fascinating and trending shows. But both types of people can watch interesting shows and films at the time they wish without paying money for it if they watch it in 123movies.

The technology advancement provides you the chance to watch your favorite program and much-loved actor’s film from your home in your free time without spending any money especially for it. So you can make your free time as a most amusing and interesting one by watching your favorite shows and movies. Without anyone’s disturbance either on a small screen like mobile or laptop or on a big screen like a projector in your home, you can enjoy the complete part of the movies. You can watch the show you like instantly in online if you get any free time and you don’t have any plan to spend it entertainingly.

Three platforms to watch films for free

Three platforms to watch films for free

Everyone may not be able to afford Netflix, Amazon Prime, or a Disney Plus subscription. Thankfully, there are options to watch a selected set of blockbuster films, TV shows, and documentaries for free. The collection offered by Mobdro, YouTube, and 123movies is superb.


Roughly one billion hours of the total content is watched on YouTube each day by users worldwide. The video-sharing platform from Google has slowly moved from uploaded content to original programming. It has created several stars and changed the lives of musicians. YouTube also has a premium service, and a subscription enables users to watch content that’s behind a paywall.

video streaming site

Now, the video streaming site recently unveiled a selection of blockbuster Hollywood films that free users can watch. The content is ad-supported, and movies are available for users in selected countries. The collection also includes classic James Bond films.

The platform does not disclose the details concerning their deals with studios. However, reports suggest that they signed contracts with top studios to offer premium video content for advertisers. Such films help ads to reach more users monthly.


Mobdro does not need much of an introduction. The app offers access to an extensive catalog of Hollywood films, TV shows, and TV channels from around the world. Mobdro app (APK) is available for Android phones and tablet PCs.

Put simply, Mobdro is a tool that collates content (shows, movies, live feed) and makes it available to app users. It basically looks for free video streams and channelizes the same. Thanks to Mobdro, viewers in Asia or the UK can watch American versions of the Food Network, Discovery Channel, etc. The app is entirely free for use. Viewers can either opt for an ad-supported version or select no-ads mode in exchange for allowing the app to use idle device resources. The application is safe for use and does not copy any information from your device as per most user reviews.

123 Movies

The site, 123movies, has proved to be a life-saver for several film-buffs since its launch in 2011. The site has changed several domain names since then. The portal has an awe-inspiring collection of films, TV shows, and even cartoons. No matter if you are looking for a sci-fi, horror, comedy, or action film, you can most probably find the movie on the 123. If it has been blocked in your region for some reason, you can simply use a VPN and watch your favorite flick for free.

The Best Best Women Motivation Movies

The Best Best Women Motivation Movies

The Best Women Motivation Movies in Telugu are many in number for cinema loves. Both olden and new audiences would not miss watching Telugu movies online. The best motivation movies are available in both periods, such as old and new periods. The old age and new audience love to watch Telugu movies online without fail. The reason is that all these motivation films would have a concept that is good for the audience. Especially, the woman audience would not miss these films in Telugu because they are more attached to it. The online platforms are very focussed on screening famous Telugu films for the audience. You can watch your favorite Telugu movies on aha ott platforms.

Recently, online platforms have increased a lot, and the possibility of viewing old and new Telugu films is more. The interest and expectations of online viewers are always high as far as online movies are concerned. The old super hit movies are regular telecast online, and it is attracting many old age people without fail. A lot of young audiences who love present Telugu films that are fantastic in all aspects never miss online movies. The online platforms have understood keenly about the likes and love of cinema lovers. So, they exactly telecast Telugu movies to cope with the requirement of the audience.

The aha videos are doing phenomenal success because they are liked by the Telugu audience due to many factors. There are many films in Telugu that are blockbuster and super hit that never miss the eyes of Telugu producers. These producers screen the film online, and hence they are earning lucrative money. The present situation enhances the producers to screen online movies that can fetch a good amount of viewers online. In the future, the Telugu industry would become famous worldwide due to the online otts that are screening exceptional movies for the viewers.

36 vayasulo (jyothika) is an extraordinary film that gained the support of the audience very well at the time of release. This film is based on a woman who comes up in life due to her motivation. The woman audience never misses the film both online and in theaters. This film story is a huge motivation for all the women audience in the country. The middle-aged woman in the story wants to shine like a star by her skills. However, she is not able to go abroad with her husband due to some issues. However, she does not feel down, and instead, she tries to do something that is better for her. You can watch 36 vayasulo movies online in aha platform.

She has a thirteen-year-old daughter with her. She decides to start her own business in the city of bravely. She does all her best to shine well in her business, and accordingly, she plans the future. She achieved a lot in her business and became a famous personality in the city. Her husband and daughter are surprised at seeing her elevation. The story of the film is really a boost to downtrodden family women in the country. The climax is indeed worth the time and money you spend.

Online movies – facts to be known

Online movies – facts to be known

If you are a person who has the habit of watching the movies through online, you must understand certain facts which can help you to a greater extent. Especially if you are a newbie to online movies, knowing about these

factors will help you to utilize the movie websites at the best.

Top ratings

If you are in need to watch the most interesting movie which is trending in current market, you can make use of the top ratings. The ratings left by other online users will help you to predict the efficiency of a movie to a greater extent. Thus, based on this factor, you can choose the best movie which can entertain you without any constraint. Obviously this is one of the best ways to know about the best movies streaming in online.

Online movies – facts to be known


Everyone will have interest in watching movies under certain genre. For example, the kids will show interest in watching the comedy movies while the elder ones will have interest towards the action movies. Likewise, the interest may get varied from one person to another. Hence in order to choose the best movie according to the genre, one can make use of the online reviews. The other most important fact is the storyline of the movie will be narrated in the reviews. Thus, in case if it sounds to be interesting, one can prefer to watch the movie or they can switch over their option to some other movie in their favorite genre.


If you want to get regular updates about the movies uploaded in the online website you can bookmark the sources like Through bookmarks or through subscription, you can get immediate updates about the online movies. Thus, you can prefer to watch them according to your convenience.