Midnight Murders Is A Crime Thriller

Midnight Murders Is A Crime Thriller

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Midnight Murders

Midnight Murders is the Telugu dubbed version of the Malayalam crime thriller movie AnjaanPathiraa. The movie has been directed and written by Midhun Manuel Thomas, and the producer of the movie is Ashiq Usman. The Malayalam movie was released under the banner of Ashiq Usman Productions and Manuel Movie Makers. This movie was released in January 2020 with starring KunchakoBoban, SrinathBasi, SharafYuddin, and Jeenu Joseph. The Telugu version known as Midnight Murders is available exclusively on Aha, and it was first premiered on February 19, 2021.

Anwar Hussain (played by KunchackoBoban), a psychologist by profession, was obliged by one of his close friends to work as a consulting criminologist in the department of Kochi Police. Suddenly, Husain is ordered to handle a case where several brutal murders take place at one midnight. The rest of the movie is regarding how Hussain deals with the case, solves the case, and finds out the main culprits. The best part of the movie is regarded as the performance of the protagonist. Besides, the ways the murders were showcased were presented in a rather very interesting narration. The other characters were also played very nicely. 

In the end

Midnight Murders is the Telugu version of the famous Malayalam movie AnjaanParitha, and it is available exclusively on AHA. AHA is an OTT platform entirely in the Telugu language, and you will be able to watch almost all old and new Telugu movies over there. Besides the Telugu movies, there are certain famous movies in other languages that have been dubbed in Telugu and are available only on AHA. Midnight Murders is the biggest example, and with a subscription to this platform, you will be able to watch midnight murder movie online. Besides, some of the new Telugu movies are also released on AHA, so watch the recent movies as soon as possible, down the app and get a subscription as soon as possible.

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