Better stoned than driving a car drunk

Better stoned than driving a car drunk

In many places, people certainly don’t drive soberly, but since they have been drinking a little less alcohol since legalization, the number of fatal traffic accidents in the statistics has dropped significantly. Of course, one shouldn’t drive drunk unless it is medically necessary, and this is what some patients do to make them safer to drive. But before you drive drunk, it is always safer to drive without being drunk. Therefore, there is nothing in the world to justify being allowed to drive without repression with residual alcohol, but not to be allowed to drive with not even an active ingredient in the blood if the value of the inactive degradation products is too high.

Those who smoke a little more often, have too high a value of these breakdown products even after sobering up.

fake pee

Of course, the officers ask if you want to do a drug test and you can say no. However, this can lead to a blood check, which one can no longer evade and only this can be used in court. To prevent all of this from happening in the first place, drivers who do not want to do a fake pee test or a drug wipe test explain that they had a beer four hours ago so that the officer no longer thinks about drugs after a negative breath test. But there are also various ways of staying clean for drug tests. Certain urine cleaner beverages have been around for many years, but the use of these is questionable. At some point, the urine kits for draining artificial urine from the kit came onto the market, with which you can quickly fill a cup.

Lately, there is the cleaner, which should not be taken before wipe or saliva tests, as it falsifies them and you are clean. Finally, know that drug tests using samples can be faked. Of course, you shouldn’t falsify a drug test just because it is theoretically possible and of course nobody calls for it. With this kit and a well-filled refill bag, you can always pee until your partner can no longer swallow. The taste is probably similar and the urine bag is warmed by the body.

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