Buying Bongs and Water Pipe For Sale

Buying Bongs and Water Pipe For Sale

Bongs are great pieces of smoking equipment, with the ability to filter smoke through water, reducing the drawing of smoke into your lungs and allowing better and deeper inhalations. When you’re done with your bong, it can be easily cleaned by soaking it in a bucket of soapy water; all you need is a pipe cleaner and some time.


That being said, purchasing a Bong or water pipe for sale can be tricky if you’re not sure about what features to look for when making a purchase. This article tackles that problem head-on by highlighting the home’s most important features for bongs and buying criteria that should always be considered before purchasing any piece of equipment.


Bongs and Water Pipe for Sale

What should you look for when buying a bong or water pipe for sale? This is something that needs to be clearly explained in the first place.


Before we try to explain this, let’s look into the history of bongs and water pipes.

Water pipes all come in different shapes, sizes and weights. The most popular shapes are those with a bowl – typically called bowls – or those without a bowl. Bowls are available in different sizes, but most of them must fit your height (the bigger the bowl, the bigger your chance of burning your fingers). They can also have any number of holes leading to smaller compartments or chambers where you could get stems to secure them.



Bongs are more spread out and can be made from materials that are more durable than those pipe. They usually have small bowls, stems, and carburettors. These carburettors look like small, curious mouths that could make things hard if you put your fingers into them.


Bongs also come in different sizes; they vary in length, width and diameter. The material must be able to hold the water to keep the bong smoking, so it’s always important to buy a size similar to what you use when you smoke regularly. For example, you would want a small bong with a dia of 3 inches if you like to smoke on the go.


The shape of a bong or pipe also needs to fit your hand. You don’t want something that is too big, and it’s not too small. It should be wide enough to hold the water but not so wide that the glass breaks during smoking. Other considerations include the colour of your bong and its glass-related material type because these are usually given as options when buying bongs online.


As for choosing between water pipes and bongs, it all comes down to personal preference and what you prefer between portability and sturdiness in case of accidental breakage (if any).

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