CBD Oil for Cats and What it Does

CBD Oil for Cats and What it Does

Cats are a common house pet and are also popular in the internet culture. Cats have been used in advertising, movies, books, artwork, and more. One of the most popular ways to showcase cats is on social media sites like Facebook. This post will discuss calming CBD treats for cats which have been shown to have an effect that can help with pain relief in cats and their owners alike.


CBD oil is sought after by people with physical and mental ailments. One of the main things CBD oil is known to help with is pain relief. Many people suffer from chronic pain, and CBD oil has been shown to reduce this drastically. Cats also suffer from ailments that can be treated with CBD oil.


CBD oil mainly comes in liquid, capsule or pill form, and topical concentrate. The concentrated form of CBD oil can be used as a topical treatment for cats and has been shown to affect treating arthritis in cats positively.


CBD treats for cats

There are many different uses for CBD Oil for cats that can benefit their overall health like any other household pet. CBD oil can help with arthritis, inflammation, cancer, and more. Treating your cat with CBD oil could improve their quality of life and your own because they will be in less pain or suffering due to disease. This may also lead to a longer life for your feline companion.


Ingesting CBD oil directly into the bloodstream is the fastest and most effective way to administer it. The reason is that it will go straight to the bloodstream and treat pain faster than any other form of CBD oil treatment.


One thing that you need to keep in mind while giving your cat CBD oil is the amount you give them because every cat is different depending on its size or weight. The recommended dose is around 1mg of CBD for every 10 pounds. So, if your cat weighs 12 pounds, you would need to give them (12/10) or 1.2 mg of CBD oil. You also need to ensure that the dosage is no more than 5mg daily and no less than 0.5mg daily. This will ensure that your cat is not overdosing on CBD oil but instead gets the proper dose needed for its weight and size as a cat.


The effects of CBD oil can be felt within a few days at most and begin with lower dosages until you find the correct amount for your cat’s weight and size.

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