Dallas Flooring Warehouse: Carpet vs Hardwood

Dallas Flooring Warehouse: Carpet vs Hardwood

Planning to change your flooring? You have two of the best options; hardwood floors or carpet. Both options have different pros and cons. Choosing between these two will also depend on the environment that you’ll be setting them up. Different environments will need different materials in flooring.

Either hardwood or carpet can last for a very long time as long as it is properly maintained. These two are considered as an investment by most buyers. Before you make your choice, do your research. Learn what is best for the room where you will do the makeover. Consider the people in your home or your colleagues in the office.

Hardwood Flooring.

  • Safety and Cleanliness.

“What you see is what you get.” Hardwood does not hide anything. This makes it easier to detect if it needs some cleaning or not. Because of this, we are ensuring a healthier and safer environment for our loved ones and colleagues, especially to those who are allergy sufferers. Hardwood floors require less maintenance. It lasts longer than the carpet and it can be repaired.

  • Less Maintenance.

In terms of effort and materials in cleaning, hardwood floors require minimal maintenance. Hardwood floors are not easily damaged by spills and stains. In high traffic areas, hardwood floors are not easily damaged, scratched, or dented. When minor damages happen, it can be easily sanded and refinished and it will be good as new,

One of the reasons why buyers prefer hardwood floors, mainly because of its beauty and elegance. Hardwood design never gets out of style. Even though hardwood floors are more expensive than carpets, as long as it’s properly maintained, hardwood floors are good investments and can last for a long time.

Flooring Warehouse


  • Quiet and Comfy.

The carpet’s soft, insulating and buffering nature, are the reasons why buyers prefer carpeting in the homes. It absorbs sound while maintaining heat which is important in colder environments.

When it comes to maintaining carpets, it’s quite a challenge. Carpets will deteriorate with time. The more feet that step over it, the worse the effect. There are some instances that carpets will look old in as little as five years. The good side about this is that your home or office will get a new look just in time for interior designs to evolve. And remember even if you change carpets frequently than hardwood floors, carpets are not as expensive as hardwood floors.

  • Safety and Cleanliness.

For people who suffer from allergies, carpets are not the best choice for you. Dust, fluff, fur, mildew, mold, and pollens normally stick with the carpet.

When choosing between a hardwood floor or carpets, you should consider some factors first. The sales representatives of Dallas Flooring Warehouse can help you decide.  The people in your home or office should be taken into consideration. Weight the advantage and disadvantages before you make your purchase. If you choose hardwood floors, they have a wide variety of hardwood floors to choose from. If carpets will suit you best, Dallas Flooring Warehouse has employed experienced carpet installers Dallas.

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