Essential Factors To Consider When Buying Commercial Tents Online

Essential Factors To Consider When Buying Commercial Tents Online

If you are shopping for the perfect commercial or party tent online, you must know what you are looking for. To cut-off the lengthy selection process, there are a couple of things that you have to take note of. So to make things easier for you, here are the most important factors to take into consideration when choosing a party tent from the best tent manufacturers online.

Different Types of Tents

If you look online, you will choose from the different types of party tents that would fit your needs. Party tents are anything that you can host an event underneath it. They are in the tents and canopies categories. But there are four types to choose from:

    • Instant Canopies. These tents are more focused on the convenience factor. Pop-up canopies are the least expensive and also the most lightweight among the choices. Because of its accordion-style frame, they can be easily set-up. In just minutes, you can install the tent without using too many tools. Also, they don’t use center poles so it can give you more space.
    • Frame Tents. With frame tents, they use frames rather than poles. They also rely on the stakes for the tension and the metal pipes for the support needed to keep it upright and stable. You can use frame tents anywhere, even indoors. But all of these benefits can come with a price. Yes, they are more expensive but are worth it.
    • Pole Tents. They can come in a wide variety of sizes. As its name suggests, this type of tent uses poles to keep it standing, and also to support the weight. It also uses stakes to create tension to keep it upright. Pole tents are one of the most cost-effective options if you are holding a party in a larger area.

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    • Tension Tents. These are quite similar to the pole tents. They also use center poles for support. They also use tie-downs or stakes for the tension needed to keep the roof in place. Like the pole tent, tension tents are easy to install too. The only difference is that tension tents have taller peaks.

Tent Size Will Always Matter

When choosing a tent for the event, you must consider the size. The size of your tent would also depend on the type of seating and additional things you need to have for the party. So before you choose a tent, make sure that you have an idea of just how many people are going to attend the event.

The Frame and Top

Another thing to consider is the materials that these tents are made of. In this matter, you have to think about the frame and the top. For the frame, aluminum and steel are your two options. Aluminum is lighter yet weaker, while steel is more substantial but sturdier. When it comes to the tops, polyester is the cheapest. But vinyl tops are the best for pole, frame, and tension tents. So the materials used for these two can significantly affect the cost of the tent you are buying.

Knowing the fundamental factors that can contribute to your tent choice is a must. This way, you will have an idea not only of the cost but also of the quality of the commercial tent that you are buying or renting for your event.

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