Everything you require to know about wood flooring is here!

Everything you require to know about wood flooring is here!

What is wood flooring exactly?

Any permanent floor that looks like wood, whether it’s made of natural or synthetic lumber, is called wood flooring. Flooring made of wood can be used in many different ways and comes in many different styles, colors, and species. The following is additional information regarding these two kinds of wood flooring in Hilo, HI.

  1. Flooring made of solid wood: The solid, wide planks of hardwood that make up a solid hardwood floor are joined by tongue and groove. The most expensive hardwood flooring is also the most durable one. It should not be used in humid areas of the house or on the ground floor of your floor plan because it is also prone to warping. You should sand down your solid wood flooring every few years to extend its lifespan.
  1. Hardwood flooring engineered: A top layer of wood is laid over a subfloor to create engineered hardwood floors. Subfloors can be made of synthetic materials like concrete or multiple layers of wood. Solid wood flooring is more expensive than engineered wood flooring.

Three Factors to Consider When Choosing Wood Flooring

When choosing hardwood floors for your home, you should consider their durability and structural makeup. Keep the following three things in mind when considering the various kinds of hardwood flooring that might be suitable for your house:

  1. Water and humidity resistance: Compared to engineered wood flooring, solid wood flooring is significantly more susceptible to heat, humidity, and moisture damage.
  1. Hardness: The durability of wood flooring is measured using the Janka hardness scale, which is expressed in pounds-force.Rooms with heavy furniture and foot traffic are better suited to hardwoods with a higher hardness rating than softer woods like cherry or Douglas fir.
  1. Photosensitivity: Wood changes color when exposed to direct sunlight, including natural, filtered light from your windows. When choosing wood flooring for your home, keep this in mind. Choose a plank of wood with low photosensitivity if your floors are in direct sunlight. Cherry wood is the most photosensitive type of wood flooring, so if your room gets direct sunlight, you should stay away from it.
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