Get chill with your favourite tattoo design

Get chill with your favourite tattoo design

The majority of tattoos have a back-story. Your tattoo artist can create a memorial to a loved one or portray an inside joke you share with your friends, but underlying meaning is never required to get tattooed. Finally, you will leave your session satisfied with the art that has been permanently carved into your flesh. And, whether it is your first or fifth time, this sensation is never guaranteed when it comes to getting a fresh 문신.

Before scheduling a consultation, it is necessary to have your basic idea fleshed out unless you are coming in for lettering, which often requires you to choose a font. The finer elements can be worked out during the session with your artist. You can show them any photographs you have collected for inspiration and discuss placement and pricing with them.

Once you have determined what you want tattooed, you must decide how you want it to appear. There are numerous tattooing styles to choose from, and you’ll want to go to an artist who specialises in the appearance you want. Among the most common styles are:


  • Traditional American fare. This style is characterised by crisp, black contours and a primary colour palette, and it frequently contains skulls and flowers.
  • Traditional Japanese cuisine. Inspired by traditional Japanese artwork, the clean lines and minimal colouring of this style are frequently employed to create tigers, koi fish, and flowers.
  • The purpose of this approach is to imitate subjects in real life by applying shading and colour contrast.
  • This style emphasises bold outlines and rich colour saturation by merging elements of traditional tattooing and realism.
  • Neo-traditional. This style is a modernised take on traditional American iconography that relies significantly on shading and colour to achieve realistic portraits.
  • Geometry or minimalism. This design is all about accuracy, with a concentration on clean black lines and negative space. The outcomes are frequently simple and symbolic.

Although the colour palette is frequently dictated by the style of 문신, the artist can work with you to adjust the design and style to better suit what you want.

However, your skin tone has an impact on how well individual colours will hold. On fairer skin tones, red and purple colours are more brilliant.

Darker skin tones often hold darker colours better than lighter tones, such as blood red and royal blue.

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