Hardwood Floors In Akron – The Places To Look Out For

Hardwood Floors In Akron – The Places To Look Out For

Picking the correct type of flooring for a house is crucial because many small accidents can happen if it is not chosen correctly. By far, wood floors are considered the best because they are easy to clean and are less prone to damage. They are also durable and less slippery than tile and marble floors. So, this option ticks all the important boxes that one considers while picking the type of floor. With a simple internet search for top service providers of hardwood floors in Akron, they can also find these.

Here is a list of the top names.

  1. Mr. Sandless Carpenters and Flooring 

They offer one of the best indoor floor refinishing services that are sandless and involve deep cleaning before installation. They remove stains, starches, color marks, etc., and then seal the entire thing. They focus on being kind to their customers and the environment as they try and keep everything eco-friendly. The top services include coating services, color shifting, and changing services, and more.

  1. Betts Flooring 

They have been in the industry for over 30 years now and have a stellar experience. They offer both commercial and residential services to the residents of Akron. Their specialties are refinishing, scratch removal, wood floor polishing, repair and installation, and deep cleaning. Their services and experience, professional staff, and 24×7 availability make them count among the best services for hardwood floors in Akron.

  1. The Super Hardwood Guys 

They are renowned for high-quality services at competitive prices. From refinishing to installation to repairs, they help with everything. They have a solution for every customer as per their budget and requirements. They also accept several payment methods like credit cards and offer free estimates as well.

  1. Fabulous Floors 

From renovation to restoration to new homes, they offer essential services.

The top services include hardwood floor resurfacing, floor installation, repairs, and refinishing. The company was established in 1998 so, and they have a fair share of experience.

Hardwood is an excellent option for floorings because of its many benefits. But, to get the installation right, one needs the help of professional service providers with well-trained staff.

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