Planning Landscaping With Assistance

Planning Landscaping With Assistance

The landscape design market comes in many forms, from commercial and residential contractors, architects, land departments to educational institutions and vendors. No matter what part of the beautification your business belongs to, you always need to manage your cash flow to grow. Have you been denied bank financing or do you have an insufficient line of credit? In such a case, invoice factoring can offer your business the assistance you were looking for. In today’s instant world, landscape contractors now have access to working capital with fast turnaround times.

In these turbulent economic times, many businesses and homeowners are increasingly delaying payments, often delaying payments for months. Because of this, many landscaping businesses need to raise money quickly to stay afloat. With predictable cash flow, landscaping companies can tap into their cash flow as soon as the services or goods provided are delivered. Additionally, invoice factoring provides the freedom to collect accounts receivable and allows the business to do what they do best in gardening.

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Factoring companies specialize in:

  • Often times, you can pay your bills the next business day.
  • Provide your landscaping business with stable and predictable cash flow.
  • Give you access to working capital for your business.
  • You can often avoid IRS tax liens, personal credit problems, or customer concentration problems.

As a result of the above, landscaping contractors like Earth Development now have a viable option when looking to expand their business for future success. For example, commercial and residential landscaping can be labor intensive and often requires large jobs. As landscaping companies expand their businesses, there is a growing need for additional working capital to cover costs such as salaries or the purchase of light / heavy equipment. When choosing a factoring company, landscape design companies now have the option of not requesting cumbersome deposits to finance the work; finance all types of services, including government, municipal, commercial and residential landscaping work; pay cash for necessary materials and supplies; and pay suppliers on time, improving solvency. Landscaping companies can now live with confidence knowing they will have quick access to working capital.

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