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What You Need To Know When Filing A Police Report

What You Need To Know When Filing A Police Report

When any accident occurs, it is advisable to file a report with the police (in fact, this is the law in many states). Submitting such a report can ensure that your history is fully documented at the time of the accident. After the accident, you (or your attorney) can use this report to determine what actually happened or how the accident happened.

What should you say when writing a report? What to do after this is written? Below is what the National Police Association expects from you when filing a police report.

The Policing Story

Report submission

1) Make sure you are honest. Too often many people lie about police records. Sometimes this happens because the person is exhausted after the accident or does not want to be blamed for the accident.

2) Take the time to read the report. After writing a report to the police, the officer may ask you to review it. Even if you are stressed, tired, or unable to concentrate, be sure to take the time to review the report. If something is missing or not registered correctly, please report it to the officer on site. It is very difficult to change the report once it is submitted.

3) Do not argue with another person involved in an accident. You may hear someone else tell the police a different story and disagree with what they are saying; however, it is better to simply present your own account of what happened rather than start a discussion. The police record every detail of what happens after the accident, and do not want to be held up for vandalism.

4) Don’t admit the truth about what you didn’t do or didn’t know. If the officer offers something, think about it. If you do not like this detail, ask not to include it in the report or ask the employee to take note that he does not agree with the stated statement. If you think you are being wrongly reported, it is important to call your attorney immediately.