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Three platforms to watch films for free

Three platforms to watch films for free

Everyone may not be able to afford Netflix, Amazon Prime, or a Disney Plus subscription. Thankfully, there are options to watch a selected set of blockbuster films, TV shows, and documentaries for free. The collection offered by Mobdro, YouTube, and 123movies is superb.


Roughly one billion hours of the total content is watched on YouTube each day by users worldwide. The video-sharing platform from Google has slowly moved from uploaded content to original programming. It has created several stars and changed the lives of musicians. YouTube also has a premium service, and a subscription enables users to watch content that’s behind a paywall.

video streaming site

Now, the video streaming site recently unveiled a selection of blockbuster Hollywood films that free users can watch. The content is ad-supported, and movies are available for users in selected countries. The collection also includes classic James Bond films.

The platform does not disclose the details concerning their deals with studios. However, reports suggest that they signed contracts with top studios to offer premium video content for advertisers. Such films help ads to reach more users monthly.


Mobdro does not need much of an introduction. The app offers access to an extensive catalog of Hollywood films, TV shows, and TV channels from around the world. Mobdro app (APK) is available for Android phones and tablet PCs.

Put simply, Mobdro is a tool that collates content (shows, movies, live feed) and makes it available to app users. It basically looks for free video streams and channelizes the same. Thanks to Mobdro, viewers in Asia or the UK can watch American versions of the Food Network, Discovery Channel, etc. The app is entirely free for use. Viewers can either opt for an ad-supported version or select no-ads mode in exchange for allowing the app to use idle device resources. The application is safe for use and does not copy any information from your device as per most user reviews.

123 Movies

The site, 123movies, has proved to be a life-saver for several film-buffs since its launch in 2011. The site has changed several domain names since then. The portal has an awe-inspiring collection of films, TV shows, and even cartoons. No matter if you are looking for a sci-fi, horror, comedy, or action film, you can most probably find the movie on the 123. If it has been blocked in your region for some reason, you can simply use a VPN and watch your favorite flick for free.