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Brad Zackson, the co-founder of Dynamic Star, discusses what investors need to know before investing

Brad Zackson, the co-founder of Dynamic Star, discusses what investors need to know before investing

A commercial lease is usually a long and complicated document filled with riders and addendums that are often legal. Tenants of industrial or commercial properties are legally bound to follow the terms of their lease once they have signed it. Before committing to a lease with Brad Zackson, the tenant and the landlord must understand exactly what they are entering. Parties sign commercial lease agreements for some time that often exceeds ten or even 20 years or more.

Consequently, you must understand the implications and consequences of future noncompliance issues with the lease to protect everyone’s interests. A leasing term written equitably will protect the interests of both the landlord and the tenant. Commercial real estate agent Brad Zackson can assist you in interpreting leases, including lease options and rent increases, and offer guidance during lease negotiations.

In terms of property management, investors have two options. The first is to manage it themselves, while the second is to hire a property management company. Knowing who will manage is extremely important as it will affect the property significantly. Investing in the property requires investors to know what they need to do. Investors need to know the cost of hiring a property management company to manage the property.

Investors should calculate future income based on these costs since they can significantly reduce their profits. It is undoubtedly true that there are hidden gems in the real estate market. Brad Zackson specialises in the redevelopment of undervalued properties. The path to investing wisely starts with understanding the market.

When investors understand the market thoroughly, they should systematically scrutinise each property. Investors will be rewarded with a worthwhile investment if they follow these two steps and determine who will manage the property. An industrial lease can be confusing in figuring out who pays for what and when an expense becomes the landlord’s or tenant’s responsibility.

What happened with Gabe Plotkin and GameStop.

What happened with Gabe Plotkin and GameStop.

Melvin Capital, the investment firm of Gabe Plotkin, invested in GameStop, whose short bets landed in a huge loss of 53%.

  • GameStop is an American retailer specialized in video games, consumer electronics, and gaming goods.
  • The intruded online games and not keeping to the market requirement led to the fall of the company. This in turn led the prices of its share to fall.
  • This low-value stock of GameStop was utilized by a group of traders. That decided to buy its stock and not sell them. This will lead to the non-availability of shares for short-selling hedge fund firms.

What is Short Squeeze?

When investors short sell a stock, they have to eventually buy it back. Irrespective of the share price (high or low). If a demand for a particular share is created by not selling it, its price will eventually increase. This will lead the hedge fund firms to lose their money and keep the share price increased. This situation is known as a short squeeze.

  • Though short squeeze is not a regular thing in the stock market, this has created a lot of impact on the hedge fund firms.
  • This short squeeze was the reason behind, Melvin Capital’s huge loss. Though the price of GameStop has significantly reduced, still the traders are holding their stock.
  • This incident is considered a digital protest, that has caused many investors to lose their money. GameStop recorded the lowest value of its share in the history of stock marketing.

Investment firm way of working

Questions that were raised by this event?

  • Several industry experts started raising questions and sharing their experience about this situation and it created a lot of space for discussion in the online forums.
  • This incident has proved that the stock market could be driven by the small traders than the big traders.
  • Questions were raised about the way that the financial system works? Are the financial markets manipulated against the small traders? Is the financial system weak towards such incidents?

How he handled the situation?

When questioned about this event, Plotkin, said the firm always abides by the rules and regulations of stock marketing and will continue to do so.


This series of the event has raised the question about small traders going by the analysis of the online forums, rather than them, dwelling into the actual market analysis of the companies. Though the lawsuit is still going on including all the concerned parties, the concerned authorities should strengthen the rules and regulations of the forex trading, to avoid bigger consequences like the global financial crisis.

These areĀ  the series of questions and concerns raised from the events between GameStop and Gabe Plotkin , investment firm.

Top key questions before applying for a loan

Top key questions before applying for a loan

There are many and different motivations that lead a person to request a bank loan, from paying debts to a family trip, going through the intention of making an investment. We are offering you the following questions that you should ask yourself before applying for a bank loan like a printable amortization schedule with extra payments using our calculator.

How do thecredit bureaus view you?

Before applying for a loan, the debtor must consider his condition before the credit bureaus, many times and without knowing it, the rating is not what was expected and that undoubtedly affects the granting of some resource, generally, the bad grades can be explained by means of safeguards, otherwise, the probability that the loan will be denied is very high.

Are you confident about the amortization schedule?

The amortization schedule must be calculated with perfection to ensure proper repayment of the loan. You will be confident if you use our printable amortization schedule with extra payments calculator.

amortization schedule with extra payments

How much do you have to pay for insurance?

It is important to know that all debt acquired with the financial sector must be insured, it is likely that calamities such as death, earthquakes, fires, and others may occur, so each bank offers its policies through its own insurance brokers, however, Every client can quote his policy with his personal agent with the sole condition that this has the bank as beneficiary, this will surely reduce the amounts to be paid.

Fixed or Variable Rate?

The suggestion to solve this concern is to check how high the interest rates are; in case they are high and your debt is necessary, look for a variable rate. Rates are very likely to stop rising; As soon as they fall, ask them to buy the portfolio and acquire a new credit with a fixed rate, that way you will be calm while you finish paying the amount you owe.