Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Flux Phenom Magnetic Door Screen

Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Flux Phenom Magnetic Door Screen

We all want to spend a lovely afternoon without being plagued by those stupid bugs or pests coming through our doors. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a screen door, you will have to endure all of those bugs. Fortunately, you can always use a magnetic door screen from Flux Phenom. They create the best magnetic screen doors for you and your family. It will keep that creepy crawlies out while letting fresh air circulate your home. It will also prevent molds from festering because humid air can cause that to happen.

Flex Phenom Magnetic Screen Doors are currently the top magnetic screen doors that provide high-quality protection to all your doors leading outside. But what are some of the features that make them stand out? Take a look at the short list here, and maybe it will help you decide that the magnetic screen doors from Flex Phenom are what you need.

You Can Easily Install It

Flex Phenom’s Magnetic Screen Door is very easy to install, and even those who don’t have any prior experience with these kinds of things can install it with simple tools. Plus, you don’t have to scramble looking around for hardware because they already included it along with the magnetic screen door. It includes tacks, weather-resistant hooks, and a loop, making it easy to retract the mesh screen. There’s also a free video installation tutorial.

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A One Size – Fits All Kind of Magnetic Screen Door

Some brands only offer one size, but Flux Phenom provides a “one size, fits all” kind of magnetic screen door, ideal for doors measuring up to 38″ x 83″ in width and height. So if your doors are within this size range, then it’s the perfect fit for their outstanding magnetic screen door!

An Excellent Open & Close Seamless Feature

Probably the best part about Flux Phenom’s magnetic screen door is that it opens and closes like magic. Thanks to the middle seam, which is lined with powerful magnetic cubes and magnetic straps. These are sewn in the middle seams, and you can easily nudge them open with your body. And the door will close behind you, leaving unwanted pests outside.

Made of Durable Mesh

If you’re wondering whether these are durable and reliable or not, you don’t have to worry anymore because these are created to ensure that they won’t get damaged that easily. It’s child and pet-proof, and it will last a long time. It also has a high thread count, but you can still enjoy the sunlight coming inside your home without it being too dark. It also has reinforced edges, which ensures that it can withstand the test of time.


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