The best mattresses for 2017

The best mattresses for 2017

It’s 2017, sure enough; it’s another year of reviews. There are various reviews on every product released out there either from customers, first-time users and experts. This time let’s review the best mattresses of 2017.

We have 2 types of mattress that have been the ideal choice for consumers, mainly: Innerspring and memory foam. We will only mention the mattresses here that are the best in each type. Proving time and time again why they are the best and why people should buy their products.

The best innerspring: Serta iComfort Hybrid Applause II sounds like an iPhone in bed. It’s the new version of the applause and vintage that was released in 2014 and 2015.

Mix technology: We all know that the bed of choice for some people if it’s not memory foam is definitely innersprings. Innerspring mattresses are considered a midrange mattress but it doesn’t mean it can’t provide optimum comfort for the right person. For a mid-range innerspring mattress it doesn’t compromise on the comfort by adding memory foam to make a layer of comfort along with their proven and durable materials make this a bed for the people that wants that comfort and balance of firmness.

Straightforward: It’s effective, no bells and whistles just an all-around good mattress to use. Making these beds the perfect choice for people that still want that innerspring action but also wants that minimal memory foam feel.

best mattresses for 2017

The best memory foam: This goes to Amerisleep AS2 (formerly Revere). There is no denying the memory foam is their expertise.

Odor: the complaints mostly on memory foam are the odor, you will be glad to know that the odor coming from the AS2 is little to even unnoticeable to some people and for people that are too sensitive for the smell this is mattress of choice.

Heat: The complaints with memory foam is heat, it’s a hot bed and that can be a problem to some people that keeps them awake at night, not also good for people that have injuries and diabetes. If that is your primary concern, you will be glad to know that AS2 is not a very hot bed and has been known to have fewer complaints when it comes to heat.

Thermoreactive: Their celliant is a thermoreactive material that has been known to provide comfort, support, and durability. There is no denying that having a good mattress that can stand the test of time is a good investment and the AS2 has proven to be such that.

In conclusion, it doesn’t mean that if you have a revolutionary technology that it can make your mattress comfortable automatically. It’s all about the balance, the balance that harmonizes each layer and technology forming a mattress that is not just durable but most especially comfortable. Clearly, the brands that made mattresses mentioned above made their homework.

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