The Elaborated Journey Of A Fitness Enthusiast

The Elaborated Journey Of A Fitness Enthusiast

Fitness is not only about being skinny but it is the state of complete physical and mental well-being. A healthy mind and a healthy body is co related. But it is often difficult to have that. In our daily life we tend to overlook the changes in our body due to various reasons. We gain weight owing to bad habit of junk eating, pregnancy and so many other causes but it is time we think over that. It is never too late and the person here has given us details on the same. It is surprising to see how she changed her body.

The initial start

Barbara is a mother and due to her family commitments in all these years she realized how much she was ignorant of the changes of her body. It was then that she measured to be 50 pounds overweight and decided to get fat to fit. Though she took up diet supplements, exercises and all other things possible there was no great effects. So, one day while searching over the internet she came across Kayla Itsines fitness guide. She bought her Kayla Fitness Bikini Body Guide pdf in $39 with a discount coupon whereas its original cost is $200.

 Fitness Enthusiast

Details of the workout plan

The BBG workout program is of 2 stages with 24 weeks planned workout session. The first half covers a 12 week period which has comparatively easier exercises which you can do even if you have never exercised. This builds your stamina for going into the second half. That consists of the next 12 weeks which has more challenging exercises. It is a total 279 pages guide on how to get the perfect bikini body.

The best thing about this is that it does not promise any miracle and the process is gradual. There is no one day thing. You will see slow but steady effects. It allows a person a regular intake of just 1600 calories which can be difficult for many but once you start off you get a habit of that.

The exercises here are not monotonous. It has a combination of many exercises to keep it interesting. It includes squats, pushups, jumping and so on. The starting phase is kept simple and gradually the difficulty level is increased and weights are added to get you that toned figure.

The conclusion

It is not one but there are so many of satisfied ladies following this fitness regime. There is review section about Kayla Itsinesin which you can find on the internet to know about people’s experience. There are other plans from which you can choose the most appropriate one for yourself.

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