IBC Totes, a Destination to All Packaging Woes

IBC Totes, a Destination to All Packaging Woes

Travelling is always a fun and most loved recreational activity but often the destinations are chosen where the food and drinks can be easily taken away as the high mountains and other areas having less population always cause a problem with the non-availability of food. However, if the food and drinks can be taken to those places safely, the destination can be anything.

San Diego drums and totes, a provider of IBC Totes is an answer to all the packaging drinks and transporting them anywhere around the globe without a second thought of ruining the taste and the quality standard. These intermediate bulk containers are high-quality containers that are used for transportation, storing or packaging large quantities of liquids, solids, semi-solids or paste.


These totes at San Diego drums and totes are composed of high-density polyethylene bladder and an outer layer of the metal cage for easy handling of bulk liquids during transportation.

These totes are flexible as well as rigid and are reusable.

 Here the availability several totes with reconditioned gallon tanks are available.

These totes help in handling the liquids easily and the used totes can be used as other tanks that can work as a container for rainwater harvesting, wastewater collection, irrigation purpose, reservoirs, aquaponics etc.

Besides providing the customers with tote containers San Diego also has innumerable storage tanks, rainwater collecting containers, metal drums, buckets, jugs, and wine and whiskey barrels along with other important accessories that give a perfect finishing to the taps, fittings, bags for keeping the utensils, etc.

Use of other containers

  • Metal Drums: These are made up of high-quality steel and serve as a great fit for storing and transporting material.
  • Buckets and Jugs: These are small in size and are composed of HDPE along with UV inhibitors. These can be used to store the liquids and use them indoors and outdoors.

These containers whether they are plastic drums or metal drums are the perfect fit for industrial as well as storage. The company takes for used as well as new tanks. Their price is affordable and comes with a high-quality standard.

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