What causes cancer in Labrador Retrievers?

What causes cancer in Labrador Retrievers?

Labrador Retrievers is one of the most liked dog breeds and prefer to rise by the people. Being an owner of this dog breed, you need to be responsible as you have to provide necessary care for it. Unlike other dog breeds Labrador Retrievers were not common to cancer but they are liable to several types of cancer. Thinking as how to help your Labrador Retrievers avoid cancer then you must know the reasons that causes cancer. 


Usually, cancer develops in dog breeds when they are aging as they age their immune system becomes weaker which makes the cancer cells evolve from the normal cells easily. Not only is this the reason as it may cause due to certain genetic factors too. Also due to the continual exposure to carcinogens which were found in the environment or in the diet may lead to cancer. Likewise, there are several reasons for the occurrence of cancer in Labrador Retrievers.

occurrence of cancer in Labrador Retrievers


Symptoms that indicate the sign of cancer 


Most commonly Labrador Retrievers were affected by the cancer known as lymphoma and this cancer affects this dog breed more than others. It is a cancer in white blood cells which can be found anywhere in the body. Presence of lymphoma can be known by the symptoms including weight loss, difficult breathing and swollen glands or lymph nodes in certain areas of the body. Also, there are other symptoms which indicate cancer whereas it depends on the type. Identifying the cancer symptoms at an earlier stage helps to protect your dog before it takes a severe turn.


Treatment for Labrador Retrievers to recover from cancer


You want to help your Labrador to recover from cancer then you have to provide proper treatment for them when you learn they are affected by cancer. At first, diagnose the type of cancer and then provide the required as instructed by the veterinarian whereas mostly it comes with the chemo treatment. Offering good treatment helps your dog to recover faster.

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